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Pool Decks

A number of homes in and around the Greater Palm Beach areas in Florida have pools with decking made of different materials depending on the look of the house and landscape. Pavers are an ideal material for pool decks as they provide very good traction, very beautiful and are foot-friendly.

Pool Pavers

Concrete pavers are slip-resistant and durable and many of AAA Pavers Inc’s customers in Rivera Beach, Lake Park and North Palm Beach opt for these functional and attractive paving materials for various outdoor spaces around their home.

They are also available in a range of colors, textures and styles and can provide a very unique look in every area they cover. Another reason why they are the preferred material for pool decks is that the chlorine also does not affect their colors. Since these interlocking pavers have a number of joints, the pavement is also much cooler underfoot. There is no limit to the different ways in which these pavers can be used. They also can be easily replaced one at a time if ever needed, cutting maintenance costs tremendously.

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Pool Deck Ideas

Looking for pool deck ideas? We have also created a number of pool deck designs in which raised seat walls, planter boxes and pillars have been built with them, around the pool. This lends the entire space a very cohesive look and every feature looks very well-coordinated. These pavers offer a number of benefits when they are used for pool decks, such as:

  • Affordability - They are a cost-effective solution compared to stamped concrete for pool decks. This is especially true if they have been installed using a mortar-less installation method.

  • Durability - These pool deck pavers are very durable and with the right maintenance can last for a number of years. This also ends up making it a very cost-effective solution in the long run.

  • Strength - These pavers are very strong and durable and can withstand all the foot traffic and water splashing that takes place on pool decks. They can also withstand the effects of salt water very well.

  • Ease of Installation - The process of mortar-less installation that is used in for paving pool decks is easy and quick and again this reduces the overall cost of the project.

  • Non-Slip Surface - This becomes a key factor while choosing a paving material for pool decks as there is bound to be a lot of water around these areas. Pavers are a great option and textured ones can be used here to prevent slippage.

  • Easy Repair & Maintenance - In case of any kind of damage, the units that are cracked or broken can be replaced very simply which makes repair work very easy. The maintenance is also pretty hassle-free and simple power-washing and sweeping is all that is required to keep your paved pool decks looking new.

Your Pool Deck

In addition to all these factors, a large variety of pool pavers are available and there is no dearth of designs and styles. This makes it easy to find pavers that will match your individual style and the look of your home. Contact AAA Pavers Inc for all your paved pool decks requirements.

Unique pool shapes and concrete pavers, with their range of colors and textures, work hand-in hand to create a stunning and inviting centerpiece to your backyard landscape. Pavers around pools are the perfect performer; providing a comfortable walking path while designed with a coarse texture for a safe, non slip walking surface - even when wet. Concrete pavers allow for maximum drainage, and their very dense structure also works to minimize penetrating moisture and reduce damage caused by freeze/thaw conditions.

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Pool Decks
'Silver' Travertine pool deck
Pool Decks
'Silver' Travertine pool deck
Pool Decks
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Pool Decks
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Pool Decks
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Pool Decks
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Pool Decks
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Pool Decks
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Pool Decks
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Pool Decks
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Pool Decks
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Pool Decks
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Pool Decks
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Pool Decks
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Pool Decks
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'Silver' Travertine pool deck
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Pool DecksPool DecksPool DecksPool DecksPool DecksPool DecksPool Decks

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