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Permeable Pavers

In the summer, a lot of homeowners start considering some home improvement projects and many of these also revolve around sprucing-up spaces such as decks, patios and driveways. Most homes in South Florida have pavers in some areas of their property but all are unique in their own way. This is simply because there is a large variety available. Permeable pavers are one variety that is very functional and AAA Pavers Inc uses them in many landscaping projects.

The Perfect Option

They are an excellent option compared to poured concrete or asphalt. These are also called pervious pavers and their surface allows for the easy passage of air and water. Permeable paving also provides an extremely solid surface and it can take heavy traffic and other wear and tear without too much of stress. Here’s why these permeable pavers are now becoming so popular:

  • Surface Water Management: In case of heavy rainfall, the city’s sewer systems are put under a lot of pressure as all the excess water flows right into it. Though there is a lot of water, hardly any of it actually seeps into the soil and irrigates it. This run-off water can be captured very successfully by permeable pavers and in the process, it also ends up absorbing & cleaning it.

  • Reduces Irrigation Demand - Anyone who has large open spaces on their property knows that maintaining and ensuring that the landscape is well-watered can be quite a task. Since these pavers allow water to effectively seep into the ground, the immediate areas that surround these paved spaces end up needing less water from the irrigation systems that you have installed. This saves you a lot of money in the long run.

  • Cooling Effects - Since water seeps into the ground around permeable pavers, the surrounding temperature tends to be very cool in comparison to any space that has too many concrete surfaces. These pavers also reflect heat, thus reducing the overall temperature in spaces they have been installed in. This also ends up improving the air quality and enhances the health of plantings on your property.

  • Improved Appearance - We ensure that permeable pavers are installed to perfection and they are also naturally, very appealing to the eye. Concrete and asphalt can be very dull & boring in comparison. The fact that these pervious pavers are available in a range of designs, styles and colors is an added bonus for sure.

The Best Material

Thus permeable pavers come out tops on all counts and they are a great way of sprucing up the look of your property. The one important thing you must ensure is that the paving installation is handled by an expert paving company like AAA Pavers Inc. It takes experience and skill to create spaces that will be low –maintenance and long-lasting and we are able to do both very effectively. Fill out the form on our website for more information about these pavers, and a quote for their installation.

Permeable pavers protect the integrity of your landscape and increase usuable land in residential and commercial holdings. Erosion and drainage are important considerations in any landscape plan,slopes can contribute to heavy storm water runoff, eroding topsoil and threatening the strength of landscapes and hardscapes.

Our permeable installations reduce or eliminate storm water runoff, decrease flooding and relieve sewer systems, they also provide a sturdy pavement for vehicular traffic, and can be used in a wide variety of applications.

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Permeable Pavers
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Permeable Pavers
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Permeable Pavers
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Permeable Pavers
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