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Our Services

At AAA Pavers, Inc we provide the following services for residential and commercial properties throughout greater Palm Beach Gardens, Boynton Beach, Tequesta and Hobe Sound, FL:

Permeable Pavers

The installation of permeable pavers are valuable in the fight against erosion control, storm water run-off and drainage issues. Our professional paver installers will assess the needs of your landscapes and install the ideal permeable pavement for you. Whether you have a driveway, parking lot or sloped land; we will help preserve your site and put it to be better use by relieving the effects of excess water flow.

Porcelain Paver Driveways

Driveways have an important role to play in your home's curb appeal. Besides being elegant, the right driveway should also be durable and well-designed for its functional benefits. We specialize in designing and installing driveways using a wide range of pavers. Besides concrete and natural stone, we also install porcelain pavers that offer many advantages over other materials. Porcelain paver driveways are more durable and resilient. They offer excellent skid-resistance and weather-resistance. You can also choose from endless design and color options. If you have any aesthetic or functional requirements from your driveway, we can help you fulfill them.

Porcelain Paver Pool Decks

We design and install elegant, functional, and safe pool decks for all types of properties. From the choice of the right material to ensuring proper paving, our expertise and experience help transform your pool deck into a safe, relaxing, and convenient place for your family and guests to spend time together. We install different types of materials including concrete pavers, brick pavers, natural stone, and other options you may prefer. Each material has its unique advantages, and we ensure that you make the right choice based on your unique requirements, your hardscape and landscape features, and your home's theme. Read about the benefits of installing porcelain paver pool decks.


At AAA Pavers, Inc we are your premier paver design and installation company. Our paving contractors have all the knowledge and experience to provide you with a top quality paver installation. Our expertise is boundless when it comes to pavers. We are certified Belgard Paver installers. But we can also install brick pavers, natural stone and permeable paving stones. Talk to one of our team members today for all the paving advice you require to get the best looking patio, walkway, driveway or pool deck!

Retaining Walls

When it comes to retaining walls, you really can’t go past Belgard’s range of block retaining wall products. Their quality and aesthetic appeal have been tried and tested for decades now and they still come out on top. So if you are looking for a top notch retaining wall for your property then we are the company for you. Let us increase the appeal of your landscape with the installation of a Belgard Retaining Wall system!

Pool Decks

Would you like a pool surround that is not only safe and slip resistant but also one that will complement your gorgeous swimming pool? Then the use of concrete pavers is the ideal material choice for your property. They are the ideal product for use around your pool areas. Let us complete the look and function of your pool setting with the addition of a concrete paver pool deck!


The driveway is the entrance into your property and therefore creates a first impression. Let the team at AAA Pavers, Inc make the driveway of your home or business the envy of all your neighbors. We believe that a paver driveway will provide you with a visually appealing driveway as well as one that will be durable and stand the test of time. There are so many design options when using paving stones; they are available in a range of colors, textures, shapes and sizes.

Walkways & Patios

We can design and install new walkways and patios or we can rebuild your existing ones. Walkways provide a safe path for entering and exiting your property or for simply going around the landscapes. We will ensure that your walkway increases the aesthetic appeal of your outdoors but that it is also installed for longevity. Patios have become a very popular landscape project because people like to expand their living space into the outdoors. We have designed and installed stunning paver patios for our clients over the years. Let us change the way you use your outdoor space with the addition of a walkway or patio.

Outdoor Travertine

One of the most popular natural stone used in the landscape and hardscaping industry today would have to be outdoor travertine. It can be applied to patios, walkways and driveways. It is a naturally beautiful stone and will really add a ‘timeless’ beauty to any residential or commercial property. Let our professional installers get the job done right for you!

Cleaning & Sealing

If your pavers are in need of some TLC then AAA Pavers Inc is here to help. We can bring your tired and dull pavements back to life with our cleaning and sealing service. Firstly, your pavers will be cleaned with a pressure washer to ensure that all debris is removed. Then secondly, we will then seal your pavers using the appropriate type of sealing product for your pavers. Before your eyes you will see your pavement look like new again!


One of the best things about using pavers for your outdoor flooring applications is that repairs are so simple to make, especially when compared to something like stamped concrete. If you have some damaged, cracked or stained pavers, we will remove them individually and replace them with new pavers. This is much more cost effective than having to replace a whole concrete slab due to cracks.

Paver Installation

At AAA Pavers Inc we can install any type of paver material including concrete, brick, natural stone and permeable pavers. Whether you want to pave your driveway, walkway, pool deck or patio; we have the expertise to provide you with top notch paver installation services. Let our paver installers ‘do their thing’ and you will be so amazed with the end results. Our paver installations are professional and will enhance the look and function of your property!

Outdoor Living

We can help make your outdoor living visions become a reality with the addition of an outdoor kitchen, outdoor fireplaces, fire pit or patio, just to name a few ideas. You will find yourself getting so much more out of your outdoor spaces. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to dome really fun entertaining in the comfort of your own backyard? Let us help you make this happen with our premium outdoor living design and installation services.

Concrete Restoration

Are you tired of looking at all the cracks in your concrete driveway, patio or walkways? Or perhaps you have many stains on your concrete making it a little unattractive? At AAA Pavers Inc we have a team of experienced concrete contractors ready to provide you with concrete restoration services. With the application of various concreting techniques we can bring your concrete back to life for a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire area.

Equine Pavers

Equine pavers are made from premium quality recycled rubber, using a unique re-bonding process. They are available in an interlocking design and are ideal for all outdoor areas. These pavers were primarily manufactured for installation in equine environments like barns stables etc. However, they are also perfect for driveways, walkways, pathways, and any outdoor spaces where an anti-slip surface is required.